Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath v1.0.7 Apk+Data For Android

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath v1.0.7 Apk+Data For Android

Oddworld stranger's Wrath is a Western type Action and adventure open world game, which is beautiful third person game with visual graphics, the game is set to wild west, that's more interesting, if you are a real fan of western game and movie, So you should play this game on your smart phone.

You will get more enemies who wants to kill you, because you are a bounty hunter and you hunt for some outlaws who robs the village and cities and killing the peoples, you will experience a best quality graphics in it.

The Stranger who is the main protagonist in this game, who has deadly weapons to kill enemies and foes, he works for Marshals for money and hunting the outlaws, stranger has a story where he come from as he a stranger that's why he is a unknown person for everyone.

The Main villain of this game is Blisterz Booty, who is the main and big outlaw, who being arrested at the starting in the game by stranger, booty has a brother name boilz who wants to make release his brother from marshal and kill the stranger.

So if you want to play this game, so just download from the link and enjoy your game.

1 Install Apk On Mobile
2 Extract OBB file into Android/OBB

Now you are GOOD to Go

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